Laguarda.Low Architects

Laguarda.Low Architects (LLA) is an award-winning architectural practice with projects spanning the globe. They sought a major overhaul of their website to effectively inform visitors of their extensive portfolio, expertise, and design team.

Piscatello Design Centre organized strategy sessions to help clarify their business goals and identify their target markets. Over the course of several months, we worked with them to develop a website strategy and helped them develop content for the website. Our firm also helped art direct the selection of images and guided them in their curation of images throughout the site.

We designed and delivered an intuitive and beautiful website for Laguarda.Low Architects.

The website includes a comprehensive projects section that organizes their extensive portfolio into categories that can be filtered. This section also incorporates an archive section that serves as a database of all projects the firm has ever designed.

The expertise section showcases LLA’s proficiency in the areas of Master Planning, Mixed Use, Retail Design, and Sustainability. The firm section includes an overview of the firm, leadership team, videos, and awards the firm has won over the years. Our work also included upgrading the photography of their leadership and of their office to best represent their firm today.

The site includes many useful features, such as a search bar with recommended searches, and a sitemap in the footer. By designing the footer to include a complete sitemap, we enabled users to easily access any section of the site. The website also enables LLA to use videos that they previously developed in-house for their firm.

We developed a content management system which enables LLA to easily manage their website and stay current and relevant. The entire site was developed in both English and Chinese to speak to their international clientele.

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