NYU Advanced Research Institutes

To design a feature wall that will communicate New York University’s global network of campuses. Additionally, to develop a signage and wayfinding system to guide NYU students through their new surroundings.

Piscatello Design Centre designed a feature wall that expresses the global nature of NYU’s campuses, and used organic imagery to symbolize NYU’s growth and progress. The design incorporates the street maps of NYU’s campuses from around the world into a tree leaf pattern. The concept was inspired by the courtyard of trees found in the adjacent property that shares the corner of West 12th Street on Fifth Avenue.

We designed the wall to be constructed from routed panels to further emulate the texture of a leaf, and painted it in a monochromatic scheme to be respectful of the students who use the space to study.

The base building and wayfinding signage system included the main identification signs on the exterior, banners, building and floor directories, room identification, and all NYC ADA code related signage.

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